About Us

Cocky dates back to two decades when it was established in Turkey. High quality artisan manufacturing resulted in impressive lines of jewellery and customer satisfaction sensitivity was established as the top priority. Brand’s success in Turkey attracted the attention of investors. A UK family office acquired the company in 2020 and now Cocky Jewellery Limited UK is ready to grow as a global player. Cocky offers an invaluable design and manufacturing team who believe that each member of Cocky jewellery lines is an object of art. Every piece is delicately hand-crafted from tip to toe that brings you the glorious and glimpse pieces of 14 K solid gold, Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil masterpieces. Cocky Jewelery’s priority is your satisfaction when it comes to combinations of your apparel and Cocky jewellery. So, when we are designing our pieces, we are trying not to be too picky! We can hear you saying Picky! What does it mean? Well, it means that you can combine any outfit with almost any Cocky jewellery? See to believe! The Cocky Jewellery team is highly excited to experience this beautiful journey together. We are confident that we will be a big family, seekers of creative and high quality jewellery.